Collection: Funeral flowers

Funeral flowers are a way to express condolences, sympathy, and respect to honor the memory of the deceased. They provide comfort to the grieving family and serve as a tribute to the life that has been lost. When choosing funeral flowers, it's important to consider the preferences of the family, cultural or religious traditions, and the overall tone of the funeral service. Here are some common types of funeral flowers:

Sympathy wreaths

Are circular floral arrangements, They symbolise eternity and are typically placed near the coffin during the funeral service. Wreaths can be created using various flowers and foliage, and they can be customized with specific colors or personal touches.

Funeral sprays

Are large floral arrangements that can be placed on or beside the coffin. Funeral sprays often feature a mix of flowers, including roses, lilies, carnations, and other seasonal blooms.

Posy arrangement 

This arrangement is a, compact floral tribute that is typically arranged in a circular or rounded shape. It is a classic and elegant option for expressing condolences and sympathy at a funeral. Posy arrangements are often created using a combination of flowers and greenery and are designed to be easily carried.

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