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Sensory Pot

Sensory Pot

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An oasis free natural arrangement in a glass pot featuring a feast for the senses

✨ Sight: Vibrant colours and visual delights that capture the essence of spring. Each arrangement is thoughtfully curated to bring joy through sight.
🎶 Sound: Imagine the gentle rustle of leaves or the soft humming of bees in a garden. Our arrangements aim to evoke calming sounds, creating a serene atmosphere.
🍽️ Taste: Aromatic Herbs are included in our arrangements, providing a burst of flavour for a multisensory experience.
🤚 Touch: Different textures will be incorporated, from velvety petals to smooth leaves, offering a tactile journey through nature.
👃 Smell: Fragrant blooms and aromatic herbs will stimulate the sense of smell, bringing the scents of spring

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